Cosy Knits and All Things Wooly

I have always loved jumpers. Jumpers, jumpers, jumpers. What is better than a soft, slouchy jumper, thrown on over a pair of jeans?

During this winter season, however, jumpers take on a whole new meaning:Kevin-McCallister-1 they are warm and cosy, protecting us from the cold – hurrah! Yet, due to a recent boom in their popularity, they are also increasingly ‘festive’.

Festive jumpers have seen a real explosion over the last year or two. First, they were kind of nerdy, then they were nerdy-chic. Now, they’re everywhere. They’re red and green, covered in snowflakes or reindeers. Some even have little carrot-noses sticking out of them, Olaf-Style. The cheap ones are undeniably itchy, and the expensive ones can be a tad too heavy. A few years ago, wearing a Kevin McCallister type of jumper would have turned heads on any high street. Now, it’s the norm.

Don’t get me wrong, I may sound cynical, but I love a festive jumper. My all-time favourite has to be my ASOS jumper from last year. I love it due its understated festivity, and the fact that it is thin enough to mean that it can be worn comfortably for the whole day. I’ve paired it up below with my favourite wooly scarf – a present from John Lewis. Together, these two simple pieces are what I would call perfect winter knitwear.



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