Tasteful Tinsel (i.e. no tinsel at all!)

Decorating our houses temporarily at Christmas is something that most of us delight in. Within these four walls that we call home, we strive to create our own little winter wonderlands, Dickensian drawing rooms, or Scandinavian chalets, and this acts as a form of escapism. It allows us to enter a world of magic, legend, myth, folklore and tradition, just for a few weeks each year. For those of us who love design, have an eye for colour and shape, and spend oodles of time scrolling through design websites and blogs, dressing our houses temporarily offers the opportunity for experimentation, and is thus totally satisfying.

As I am not long out of university, this year is the first year that my boyfriend and I have decorated our house all by ourselves. We selected the Christmas decorations all by ourselves. We picked out a Christmas tree all by ourselves. Now, as I sit here next to my gently twinkling tree, and crackling fire (it’s not actually making a crackling noise, but it might as well be) I am thrilled with the result.


To begin with, I must start by saying that I am a firm believer that more is less when it comes to Christmas. I admit, openly, that I hate tinsel. Can’t stand the stuff. It’s tacky, and gaudy, and horrible. Of course, I understand some people love a bit of tack when it comes to Christmas – my Grandma’s living room resembles the christmas section in a garden centre at this time of year, so strong is her love for tack. However, tack and tatt are simply not for me.

We bought a real tree this year, something that my parents never had when I was growing up, and I must say, I adore it. It’s short and fat, and a little bit wonky. But I love it all the same. It smells wonderfully foresty too.

In terms of decorations, we have kept it simple. Just warm, white lights, and a selection of decorations with a predominately red colour theme. It is important to remember that real Christmas trees are so beautiful already that they don’t need to be covered up. Instead they should be gently accentuated by a few lights and a dash of colour. My favourite decorations include a snow-covered post box and christmassy front door (both from M&S) and two beautiful gold, glass baubles from Next.


I have been scouring Pinterest for my favourite decorated trees, all of which are shown below. Each one is tasteful, simple, beautiful, and of course, tinsel free. Why not experiment this year and lose yourself in the enjoyment of playing dress-up with your house for Christmas?

Christmas trees

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