All Hail Clarks: they made fashionable shoes comfy!

Clarks 1

I have big feet. Yes, that’s right, you heard me. My feet are about a seven and a half (although my mother tells me this the average nowadays – can anyone support/refute?) and I am fussy when it comes to comfort. I love fashion and design, but I also love comfort. Unfortunately, the two don’t always go together.

That’s where Clarks comes in with their beautiful designs that are bang on trend and available in not only half sizes but, wait for it… wide fit! 

Part of the reason that I love Clarks is because their idea of shoe sizes is a gazillion more times accurate than you will find in other high street retailers that seem to aim their products more at girls, rather than women. Without cutting off my little toes, I would find it hard to comfortably wear many of the items found in these sorts of stores (without mentioning any names, I’m sure you can guess where I speak of).

clarks 2

Exhibit A – The Fluffy Boots.

I purchased these for my recent trip to Finland (see previous post on the Arctic Snow Hotel) in anticipation of temperatures down to -20c. I don’t usually go for fur, but these did the trick, with the leather and fur keeping my toes toasty. I’ve grown to love them for their cuteness – as shown by their mud-spattered, well-worn look.

They were reduced from around £110 to £80 in the sale.

Exhibit B – The Patent Buckled Pumps

I absolutely adore these, so much so that I bought them online as soon as they came back into stock and instantly instagrammed their girlish charm – is it any surprise that they sold out first time round? The colour is ‘midnight’, and the buckle is just adorable. They have that school-girl chic about them, and look great with socks, meaning they are super for the winter months.

They were £50, and are still available.

Exhibit C – The Black and White Slip-on Plimsolls

As said previously, I’m a sucker for comfort, and I just love plimsolls. However, I have always found Vans and Converse too narrow for my feet. Therefore, when my old plimsolls were so battered that no amount of glue could keep the soles intact, I practically swallowed my computer when I saw these on the Clarks website, and immediately reserved them in my nearest store.

They were £40 – also still available.

A note on price. Clarks is more pricier than other fashion retailers on the high street, where you can pick up a pair of pumps for a tenner, or some heels for twenty quid. However, I really feel that spending a little more on a good pair of shoes is worth it – if not solely (see what I did there?) for the welfare of my little toes! My past experience with Clarks has shown their shoes to be hardwearing and long-lasting, making them well worth the money. And at the moment, I just can’t get enough of their designs.

All hail Clarks, the Queen of Shoes.

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