Bright and Colourful Prints for the Kitchen

printed kitchen 2

As a lover of colour, print, and pattern, I strive to implement these aspects of design in all parts of my home. Currently, it is the turn of the kitchen.

Over recent months, I have been adding to my rather plain and ordinary white kitchenware, gradually bringing in more outgoing and interesting pieces. For example, take a look at the delightful plates above (£10 for the large, £7 for the small), both from John Lewis. Or, the fab bowl below (approx £20, if I remember rightly) also from John Lewis. It’s perfect as a mixing bowl, but I admit is currently being used as a fruit bowl, to prevent it from being hidden out of view in a dark cupboard. As well as this I have some mugs and egg cups from a lovely store in paris called Antoine et Lili (see previous post).

prints kitchen 3

And what I love about all of my printed items so far, is that they don’t match. Because in their mismatchedness, they go rather nicely together, brightening up meal times (not that meal times actually need brightening up – as you may have gathered, I love food) and adding a splash of colour to the kitchen cupboard. In fact, so beautiful are they to look at, that I wish I had some exposed shelves in my kitchen that would allow me to see them at times other than just mealtimes, or when they are stacked up unceremoniously next to the sink.

On a practical level, I’ve wanted new kitchenware for a while, but totally overhauling all of the items in my cupboards would be incredibly expensive. So, I’m picking up little pieces here and there. And the best thing is, because my theme is mismatchedness (don’t you just love this newly invented word?) I will never have to worry about tiring of my plates and needing to buy a whole new set – I can just replace things, if need be, as I go along.

prints kitchen 4

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