Vintage Hot Air Balloon Prints

Hot Air Balloon Diary | Design Trend | Cloud Nine Lifestyle

I can’t be the only one to admit that I am rather obsessed with hot air balloons. There is something nostalgic and whimsical about them. They conjure up memories of blue skies and summer picnics in the park.

I’ve never actually been in a hot air balloon of course, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting images of them everywhere. Including on my diary, pictured above.

I’ve trawled the internet for my favourite hot air balloon items, all of which are going on my ‘things to buy when I have a job again’ wish list. And when I say that I’ve trawled the internet, what I really mean is that I’ve trawled Not on the High Street. Why look anywhere else?

Balloon Letterpress Card by Wolf & Ink

I’m an absolute greetings card freak. Yes I know, I know, cards are a rip off, blah, blah, blah. However, in an age where we are obsessed with material items, what could be better than receiving a heartfelt message from a friend or a loved one?

I love quirky cards, and these are just delightful.

Hot Air Balloon Cards | Design Trend | Cloud Nine Lifestyle

Find this item from NOTHS here.

Toiletry and Make up Bag by Lovely Jubbly

These washable cosmetics bags are bright and fun. Take a look at the seller’s NOTHS page (use link below) for more quirky prints.

Make up Bags | Design Trend | Cloud Nine LifestyleFind this item from NOTHS here.

Hand Printed Lampshade by Weft Bespoke Design

I’ve always found lampshade shopping a fairly arduous task (not that I spend a great deal of time trying to source lampshades – that makes me sound terribly dull). However, this chirpy little piece would cheer up any room. It’s kind of retro too, which is, of course, fabulous.

Lampshade| Design Trend | Cloud Nine LifestyleFind this item from NOTHS here.

Printed Scarf, Handmade by Hayley

Without intending to sound like I am enthusiastic about everything in the world, I have to admit that I love scarves. I wear scarves for approximately two thirds of the year. Firstly, because I live in Manchester where it is always cold and wet, and secondly because scarves are ace. Enough said.

With it’s bright colours, and cheery design, this scarf would be perfect for spring. I’m obviously not referring to a Manchester spring which is miserable and rainy by all accounts.

Printed Scarf | Design trend | Cloud Nine LifestyleFind this item from NOTHS here.

Aeronaut Wallpaper by Kate Usher Studio

OK, so this wallpaper is a little on pricey side. But isn’t it brilliant? Perfect for a cosy study or child’s room. Plus, they’ll send you a free sample to help you make up your mind.

Wallpaper | Design Trend | Cloud Nine LifestyleFind this item from NOTHS here.


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